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Event Recorder Device

Manufactured by Faraniroo Eng. Company
Model (ER-PCI-48/90)

Event Recorder, Model ER-PCI-48/90 has been manufactured and designed by Faraniroo Eng., Company with the aim of detecting and recording events and incidents at substations, power plants and electrical energy distribution and transmission networks.

This advanced device preserves a wide range of events and incidents, which are transmitted by digital inputs to the system, in a comprehensive database.

Through the application of this advanced system, getting access to accurate time of incidents and events with precision of 0.5 msec and analyzing them will be possible.

Sampling operations in various boards of a system based on industrial computer and also various industrial computers are synchronized by a GPS receiver.

System Hardware

Hardware of this system has been comprised of boards with digital inputs which are installed on PCI bus of industrial computer. These boards can have maximum 48 to 90 input canals if required. At these two modes, maximum capacity of system for each industrial computer will be from 528 to 990 canals.

Input signals to panel are isolated by isolator boards from industrial computer to Event Recorder boards, aimed at preventing system from incurring probable damage as a result of high voltage.