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Fault Recorder Device

Manufactured by Faraniroo Eng. Company
Model (FR-PCI-816/848)

Fault Recorder Device, Model FR-PCI-816/848 has been manufactured and designed by Faraniroo Eng. Company with the aim of detecting and recording faults and disorders appeared at substations, power plants and power transmission and distribution networks. This advanced device will sample and record all amounts of input signals, including analogue and digital, continuously in adjustable moments before and after observing fault with maximum frequency of 20 KHz. It should be noted that sampling operations in various boards of a system based on industrial computer and also various industrial computers are synchronized by a GPS receiver.

System Hardware

This advanced system has been designed based on industrial computer and Data Acquisition boards with PCI bus.

Each board of Fault Recorder has been comprised of eight (8) analogue inputs, which enjoy capability of measuring voltage and current inputs as defined at system.

Analogue signals with precision of 14 bits and sampling frequency of measured 250 KHZ and with adding Time Tag received through GPS receiver, are transferred by PCI bus to IPC memory with the aim of analyzing information through software of system.

Also, each of these boards includes 16 to 48 digital input isolated canals.

Intermediate electrical circuits have been designed and manufactured for connecting Fault Recorder boards with current and voltage transformers which include four current transformers and four voltage transformers along with conditioner circuits.