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Construction Operations

Civil and construction operations of Faraniroo Eng. Company's projects is done by Tadvin Niroo Construction Company (Ex-No Sazeh Construction Company) which is considered as one of the most experienced construction companies in the field of manufacturing high-voltage substations.

It should be noted that Tadvin Niroo Company is regarded as commissioner of construction operations of tens of high-voltage substations in various voltages and also hundreds km of power transmission lines.

Since Tadvin Niroo Company is not regarded as contractor of Faraniroo Eng. Company and since the two companies own joint Board of Directors, there are intimate cooperation between two companies (one as official in charge of EPC and the other as construction contractor).

Benefiting from strong management bureau and the most experienced and skilled engineers as supervisor of workshop, competent and efficient technical bureaus in Tehran Headquarters and also in each of its workshops, equipped with various machinery and equipment and also various advanced software packages for innovating, planning and evaluating operations, Tadvin Niroo Company implements all projects and plans carried out by Faraniroo Eng. Company.

Also, the company simulates, estimates and plans all construction operations through the application of advanced 3D drawing tools.

The company has merged management, planning, quality control, equipment and machinery and quality construction materials with each other, aimed at delivering projects with high quality timely.

With the cooperation of Installation Group of Faraniroo Eng. Company, reimplementation of activities (redundancy), destruction or time wasting are avoided.