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Installing Equipment

Installation Group

Investing hefty fund and training manpower in the field of installing equipment and benefiting from the most powerful installing groups have been taken into consideration since establishment of Faraniroo Eng. Company. The said issue is regarded as one of strong points of the company.

Reinvigoration and improvement of Installation Group was put atop agenda after expansion of company and simultaneousness of projects at hand.

Presently, all construction operations are executed in the best way possible and in appropriate date. In some projects, construction operations are even carried out in scheduled time.

Regarding the projects at hand, three installation groups with independent staff and personnel and with necessary specialties are busy active at the present time. Moreover, the three installation groups have been equipped with necessary facilities and equipment, offering quality services under strict supervision of Central Bureau (Executive Deputy Office).

Thanks to the facilities provided for them, each Installation Group enjoys capability of commissioning many projects simultaneously.

Description of Duties of Installation Groups

  • Positioning and deploying at workshop and equipping workshop
  • Delivering equipment sent from Central Office and manufacturing factories and counting and adapting them with technical documents and layouts
  • Installing structures which preserve equipment and gantries
  • Installing all equipment
  • Execution of high-voltage fittings
  • Tray-lay operations of canals
  • Installing all electrical panels
  • Cooperating with test and commissioning group
  • Temporary delivery
  • Dismantling workshop equipping