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Designing HV Unit

HV Designing Group

High-Voltage Design Group has been constituted from the most experienced and skilled engineers who have graduated from prestigious universities and also an experienced industrial drawing (plotting) group. The HV Group has been tasked with presenting design and engineering services for high-voltage substations up to 400 kV range (AIS OR GIS) according to the latest international standards of power industry like IEEE, IEC and standards of the Energy Ministry through taking advantage of latest engineering software packages.

Hereunder are regarded some highlights of activities of High-Voltage (HV) Design Group:
  • Providing and presenting plan layouts and sections of substations as the most significant element of executive layout
  • Presenting foundation plan maps and cable canal plan for execution of construction sector
  • Providing and presenting necessary calculations for various sections of the plan like:
    • Ground system calculations based on advanced Cyme GRD software package (original copy which name of Faraniroo Engineering Company has been mentioned as official user at the software site.)
    • Lighting calculation (interior and exterior) based on latest version of Dialux and Calculux software packages
    • Calculation of electric catcher, system for protection of thunderbolt, bus work, etc.
  • Provision of initial technical specifications of high-voltage equipment for asking information from suppliers, manufacturers and technical study of proposals of manufacturers
  • Provision of necessary maps and layouts for construction and/or installations of exterior equipment like executive layouts of ground network, demarcation of clamp and connector, light plan and cable tray, etc.