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Organizational Structure (Chart)

Organizational chart of Faraniroo Engineering Company is as follows:
  • Technical and Engineering Deputy Office, including HV and LV Design Departments and also civil and Mechanics units
  • Commercial Deputy Office including domestic and foreign purchase, registering order and opening Letter of Credit (L/C), transport and customs clearance activities.
  • Executive Deputy Office including management of projects, installation and commissioning of equipment and also civil works of building
  • Market Development, Tenders and Contracts Affairs Deputy Office including: engineering department, tenders work amount estimation unit, provision of technical and financial proposals, drawing up all contracts and market development, comprised of three units: proposals of substations and power transmission lines, power plants and industries and sales of agencies.
  • planning Management including supervising and managing data systems, project control, training and human resources, provision of systems and quality standard methods, reorganization, short- and long-term planning of organization
  • Financial management
  • Administrative and logistics management
  • Research and Development (R&D) Unit, publishing scientific and research papers, authoring, translating and publishing books
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Unit