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Electrical Panels

Power panels of projects, including protective, control, LVAC and LVDC panels, marshaling, DCS panels, fault and event recorder power panels, etc., are manufactured at Faraniroo Sanat Pishro Factory which is a subsidiary company to Faraniroo Engineering Company. It should be noted that this factory was established in 2005 by Faraniroo Eng. Co. as powerful arm in supplying Electrical panels for high-voltage substations.

Since electrical panels, needed for a high-voltage substation and/or any industrial complex, play a very decisive role in execution, on-time delivery of manufactured substation in terms of technical and financial value (in comparison with total contract price), and with due observance to ceding manufacturing of electrical panel to reliable manufacturers in terms of time-consumption issue in processes of asking information, evaluation, conclusion of contract, exchange of documents, maps, layouts and also problems which can be observed in the long run of manufacturing electrical panels due to existence of contradictions and changes at the time of working, provision of actual layouts and also problems emerged customarily at the time of installing and commissioning operation will cause numerous problems which are beyond power of contractor of substation.

For this reason, Faraniroo Engineering Company has decided to establish an independent power-panel manufacturing company for reducing some of problems, mentioned in above, and also providing a safe and secure condition for materialization of most of its executive objectives.

With establishment of the said unit, Faraniroo Eng. Company has provided all facilities in all dimensions and employed experienced and skilled manpower in the field of manufacturing power panels under its strict management and supervision.

For manufacturing fixed mid-voltage, protective and control panels, Faraniroo Sanat Pishro Company managed to receive approval certificate from TAVANIR Company after experiencing various evaluation procedures. Moreover, the company managed to receive reliable certificate from Iran Power Panels' Manufacturers Guild Association.

To date, the company has managed to produce and manufacture various power panels of over 30 substations in the best form possible.