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Power Station Electrical and Mechanical Systems Design

Since employers prefer to delegate electrical and mechanical systems of project simultaneously to a contractor in most industrial and power station projects, Faraniroo Engineering Company has embarked on commissioning an equipped Mechanics Engineering Unit in the vicinity of Design and Engineering Department of the company many years ago.

Mechanics Engineering Unit, with regard to BOP mechanics systems of power station:
  • includes Fuel System (Gasoil & Gas)
  • Water System (Service, Demin, and Potable)
  • Air System (Instrument, Service)
  • HVAC System
  • which has been tasked with calculation and determination of technical specifications of pumps
  • tanks and other mechanics systems (except turbine main package)
Moreover, the unit provides and estimate technical maps, layouts and documents and list of equipment pertinent to them.

Electrical Engineering Department of the unit in tandem with Engineering Unit for Substations Affairs carries out designing stages of various instrumentation and electrical systems of power station, as follows:
  • Designing of high-voltage systems (bus duct, power transformers, etc.), designing mid-voltage systems (switchgears, cables, distribution transformers, etc.), designing low-voltage systems (DC&/UPS& Battery systems, power panels, cables, etc.)
  • Designing instrumentation, PLC, DCS, Cable systems, etc., based on world latest technologies and sciences of power industry, through technical know-how of its experienced and skilled manpower and engineers.